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  • The Talk Of The Throat Chakra’s Impact

    The throat chakra is the fifth chakra, and commonly represented by the Sanskrit word Vishuddha or the color blue. It is fundamentally associated with communication. Some people misunderstand the chakra’s full role, mistakenly focusing on speaking and communicating their own feelings. Of course, communication is a two way process, and it is therefore just as much about hearing, and more importantly listening, as it is about expressing ourselves through speech.

    Blue Phone

    The blue throat chakra relates to your communication with the rest of the world.

    Sudden Signs Of A Blocked Throat Chakra

    One common signal of a blockage in the blue chakra color is when we suddenly find ourselves upset and unable to speak. This is commonly something which creeps up all of a sudden, and manifests itself as a lump in the throat as we find ourselves close to tears.

    Opening up the flow of energy in the throat chakra will allow for the person to communicate needs. It’s important to prioritize needs ahead of wants, which in a wealth driven society can be difficult to correctly distinguish. Needs are about survival, both physical and emotional, encompassing our overall well being.

    The Symptoms Of Impaired Balance

    In terms of the senses connect to and affected by the fifth chakra, you will see an affected sense of taste, smell and hearing, which unsurprisingly are all in close proximity to the mouth and ears – our natural communication devices. Conveniently,  the level of impairment to those senses can be used as a test of the significance of the impairment to the throat chakra’s energy flow, so a sense of tastelessness to a meal that you would normally enjoy or a heavy cold could signify that there is imbalance.

    Because this chakra is connected to your ability to communicate, it can slowly be suppressed from childhood, particularly when as a child you were afraid to, or discouraged from speaking your mind. It can also result from difficulties in expressing yourself, such as struggling to develop the speech in early years to express yourself with peers.

    Restoring Your Blue Energy Flow

    There are a number of approaches which can be effective in cleansing and restoring the full flow of the throat chakra, ranging from the brute force method of shouting with full force (reflecting the previous point, toddlers often scream and shout in frustration when they can’t make you understand them), to a more delicate burst into song. If you are suffering with a sore throat, you might find the traditional remedies such as honey and lemon or gargling are effective.