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  • The Role Of The Sacral Chakra

    Have you been feeling down lately? Are you troubled? Do you always seem to make bad decisions? Have you been having a lower back pain that doesn’t seem to go away? If you have answered yes to most if not all of these questions then your sacral chakra may be blocked. Chakra originates from yogic traditions of both Hinduism and Buddhism. Chakras are centers of energy found on the surface of our bodies. Collectively they’re called a chakra system which makes up the Auric field or Auric egg that surrounds our physical self.

    Lower Abdomen Pain

    Sacral imbalance often manifests itself as lower abdominal pain below the navel.

    The sacral chakra or Swadisthana is the second chakra out of the seven in the chakra system. It is located on the lower abdomen just below the pubic bone and the navel. It is said to be color orange and is depicted as a wheel or a flower that has 6 petals. It governs an individual’s lower abdomen, lower back, the kidneys, bladder and sexual organs. It also affects how a person thinks, his decision making skills, self control, creativity and self expression.

    The sacral chakra deeply controls our emotions particularly love, hate and fear. It helps us find pleasure in life, is also in control with our ability to relate with others, how well we handle relationships and how intimate you can be. Certain events that happened in our childhood, traumatic experiences and pleasing memories are also stored in the sacral chakra.

    If it is unbalanced a person may feel anxious and experience terrible mood swings. Someone whose chakra is under active is apathetic, aloof and frigid while a person whose chakra is over active tends to be very emotional, dependent to others and is very sexual.

    Physically an unstable chakra manifests itself through lower back pain, kidney and bladder problems, and constipation. It is even said to cause infertility and some claim sexual diseases. People who have been sexually abused can have closed chakras. They tend to feel isolated and ashamed in front of others.

    There are many techniques that can help unblock your chakra but it is not recommended that you do this by yourself. Before you attempt to open it you must seek proper guidance and training.

    Having a balanced sacral chakra will help you appreciate how beautiful life is, unleash your creative side and make you more confident. You will no longer be making bad decisions your intuitions would always be accurate. It will also help you have a fulfilling sex life.