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  • Why Is Chakra Meditation Essential?

    Our world has evolved into a 24/7 beehive of activity. The technological advances have meant we’re always in touch with others, whether that’s by being susceptible to a ringing mobile phone, the familiar ping of new email in your inbox, or the ever addictive call of social networks to keep up with friends, colleagues and family.

    Chakra Meditation

    Chakra meditation will allow you to balance all seven chakras and help the body’s energy flow freely.

    It’s a little bit of a strange concept to most of us to accept that we’ve become victims of ever decreasing ‘me-time’, as many of us are guilty of feeling lost without our smart phones in our pocket, or laptop to hand to “just check no-one’s waiting for a reply”. We’ve created a lifestyle whereby we can’t live without our connection to the outside world, but gradually become less relaxed the longer it goes on, while at the same time becoming anxious when we lose that connection. It’s as if the stress of connectivity has itself become a safety blanket!

    Well being is both a physical and a mental importance, and our chakra alignment is quick to suffer when we neglect the me-time we referred to a moment ago. Whether many people realize it or not, we all indulge in one form or another of meditation, whether directly in a quiet room reflecting on the day, or in the car reliving the day’s frustrations while navigating the gridlock. Naturally, the former is a much more effective type of meditation, but they’re both reflection nonetheless.

    The point I’m trying to get across is that without the time to process our thoughts, fears, frustration, stress and general experiences, we quickly find that the body and mind start to malfunction. This is because the anxiety that is created by the build up of this information becomes gridlock too, just like the traffic. There simply has to be somewhere for it to go in order for normal service to resume. There have been several medical reports that have linked the lack of time allowed for reflection on events in the workplace to a reduced life expectancy, so it’s hardly surprising to learn that a lot of chakra practitioners will get straight to the point with their patients and hammer home the importance of restoring me-time to the daily schedule.

    It’s worth pointing out that I’m not suggesting that you lock yourself away in a dark room every day to tackle your demons, once a week for that level of soul searching is more than fine. Where I’m actually going is to encourage that you avoid hiding away those stressful memories in the back of your mind, and instead consider why someone behaved the way they did, or perhaps why something didn’t go as planned. But what’s this got to do with chakra meditation I hear you cry? Well, chakra balancing is no miracle, so before you even start to work with these tools, you need to accept what’s causing your stress and anxious disposition to begin with.

    So, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk chakras!As you probably know, you have seven energy points around the body, each representing a different aspect of life and each represented by a different color. If you need a recap, check out the Chakra Colors homepage for a refresher. Through meditation, our aim is to be sure that the energy associate with each chakra is well balanced, and its direction is complementing the other six to maintain a good energy flow around the body. You’ll know when the energy flow is particularly good, as you’ll have one of those days where you feel like things are just going well but you can’t really explain why.
    As you might have guessed from reading the first half of this article, having a bad day at work is perfect for interrupting your energy flow, in fact I’d go as far as to suggest that stress is the single most likely thing to cause a major collapse in chakra harmony! A good way to establish which chakra needs work is to examine the seven chakra colors on our homepage and compare those bodily zones to the areas where you feel worse. Just as acupuncture theory refers to ‘referred pain’, chakras can exhibit similar behavior, that is that fixing a problem area can also resolve discomfort you feel in a totally different part of the body. In fact, it can even go a step further, and a blocked chakra in one region can only give you pain in another area. This is why specialists in chakra take years to hone their skills, as the most subtle signs (which typically are mapped in a chart) can often tell them the most.If you’re yet to feel the success of chakra balancing, you’re in for a treat. When the balance is restored, the feeling of euphoria can hit you like a train. When you consider it, it’s hardly surprising to learn of this effect, as people have commonly been stacking up stress for years, and being very slowly crushed under the pressure in terms of their internal energy flow. What is happening during their meditation is similar to a dam bursting, a slow trickle releasing can become a torrent in no time, the only difference being that achieving chakra balance is a wholly good thing, unlike a torrential flood of water heading downstream!Due to this immense release, you shouldn’t be surprised at the reaction you feel. Tears or laughter are normal, as are sudden urges to expend energy. After all, we’re releasing energy that’s been unable to flow properly for many years in some cases, so out of character behavior is almost certain!

    To finish, here’s a presentation to help you with your chakra meditation with narration: