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  • What Is Your Heart Chakra For?

    A person is most contented when eating a meal with loved ones. There is something about sharing a meal with people, it expresses love, joy and well being, maybe this is why the last supper is such an important event in the bible. The emotional flow of love into, and out of, the body is a key consideration for the fourth heart chakra.

    Two Hearts Among Others

    The heart chakra is appropriately associated with love and desire, as well as social interaction.

    Chakra focuses on the theory that everyone has seven energy points which power the human body. Chakras are sources of power acting like regulators of the various energy types in the body. In order to attain total well being, one must balance the seven major points of energy or his chakra which is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘wheel’.  This is the body chakra number four, and the energy of the heart is aptly the cornerstone of desire.

    Parts of the body and organs that are associated with the heart chakra include the lungs, arms and of course the heart itself. This chakra has a strong influence on these body parts, whenever ailments plague these specific parts, closing or opening the chakra can fix this. It is the chakra specialist’s job to do this for one’s chakra to be fully calm and effective. Meditation is the most common approach used to balance chakra forces, although herbal remedies are available to assist when the patient is struggling to reach their goals alone. There are also physical items that can help such as the use of energy funnelling chakra stones and crystals that help tighten or relax the control of the relevant chakra.

    The green chakra utilizes gemstones which reflect it’s energy as they are green which in turn is the color representing the heart chakra. More often than not, the heart chakra’s aura emits a green color but when someone feels an inner love the aura can turn pink. It has also been speculated by chakra experts that the most common color blindness (red/green) might be connected to love via this change in interpretation of color.

    Sharing and receiving love normally keeps this chakra in sync with the rest of the body, and this is well depicted when sharing a meal with your loved ones. This really does back up the commonly held belief that the body responds only as well as the fuel it runs on, it’s just that the fuel is more than just food, it’s love too.