Information on Healing, Energy Points and Crystals
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  • Making Use Of Chakra Crystals For Inner Harmony

    Crystals have long been used as jewelry and for aesthetic purposes. Their beauty is just remarkable. But crystals have healing abilities not the ‘crystal powers’ that can make superheroes strong or superman’s kryptonite. Crystals were already used for thousands of years to heal illnesses and disorders, for the improvement of their health, to repel evil and for good luck.

    Crystal ball

    Just like crystal balls are associated with predicting your future, chakra crystals can help shape your destiny.

    Our bodies have chakras or auras which are known to be the wheels of energy. There are seven chakras in the body that influence a particular emotion, body part, individual development, thought process, energy level and color. When unbalanced there are also different disorders and illnesses that correspond to a person’s chakra. With all these in mind, there are also specific chakra crystals that are associated with a particular chakra. These chakra crystals as stated above are used to balance, enhance or heal an individual’s chakra often in conjunction with meditation.

    More often than not, there should be balance in the seven chakras for us to attain our optimum well being. In order to use chakra crystals for healing they must be in their pure form so that they would work at their best. Or if that isn’t available, a strand of crystals will do. Like other different kinds of treatment, using chakra crystals is individualized  It would be better to consult an expert in order for you to achieve better results. There are different kinds of chakra. The first chakra is the root chakra, it can be found at the tailbone of the spine. It controls safety, security and survival. The best chakra crystals are red jasper, garnet ruby and smoky quartz.

    Next is the sacral chakra which focuses on intimacy creativity and emotions. The ideal crystals to use are amber, citrine or orange calcite since this chakra is colored orange.

    Another is the solar plexus chakra which focuses on control and power. The chakra crystals associated with it are tiger’s eye or tellow tourmaline.

    The heart chakra governs love and compassion. The color is green and pink. The best chakra crystals for this are rose quartz and emerald.

    The throat chakra is for communication. This chakra is color blue and the associated chakra crystals tend to be aquamarine and lapis lazuli.

    The third eye chakra is for intuition and clarity. The chakra crystals for this are blue calcite and amethyst.

    The last chakra is the crown chakra it focuses on our spiritual well being and self worth. The crystals that are used to balance this are those that are color white or purple such as clear quartz and selenite.