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  • How Can A Chakra Chart Help Me?

    Making time for everything you want to achieve can feel like an impossible task. After a busy day, you’re just too tired to do what you want to do. Modern living is full of that many responsibilities and pressures that we have a tendency as adults to forget our needs. Making sure that you allow some time out for the mind and spirit to grow can be an essential requirement to succeed in achieving our goals. Quiet reflection through meditation is a particularly effect means of replenishing the energy needed to keep the body and mind fresh at even the most stressful times.

    Chakra Meditation

    A chakra chart will help you balance your energy, often with techniques such as meditation.

    Chakra is a faith that allows one to control the flow of energy to and from the body. Sources of power deep inside our bodies allow us to interpret and communicate subtle signals and these points are known as chakra sources, a Sanskrit translation to represent the wheel of energy flowing through the body. These key sources of energy are located strategically around the body, broadly following the line of our backbone  and correspond to colors, each referencing different parts of the body, as well as the tightening and releasing mechanisms to control the flow of energy, meaning in turn that they affect the healing in each part of the body they represent.

    A person with a chakra balance significantly out of sync might experience discomforts at particular parts of the body. Chakra charts are used as a guide to help you cure a specific imbalanced chakra, finding out which chakras are imbalanced can be done through meditation.

    Chakra charts are intricately mapped guides about the major chakra zones, with each of the seven colors and their position, linked to the parts of the body they control or influence. Chakra practitioners use an informative guidebook to help determine the specifics of an imbalanced chakra. The chart forms a basis for treatments administered by chakra practitioners, who can use this map to plan their corrective approach to the energy flow. The diagnosis can be quite complex, what types of stones to use, what types of colors to wear, depending on the chakras that are to be fixed.

    Chakra charts are not the only tool that you can use for guidance, taking a chakra test will also aid you in balancing your chakras.

    The delicate balance of chakra is not something that is immediately easy to manipulate simply by being aware of their presence. Specialist practitioners spend years mastering the art of balancing their own energy, and then are able to use their own experience to read the balance in the body of others, in turn helping them to define the state of their own chakra balance.