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  • How Chakra Bracelets Help Balance Your Colors

    A balanced chakra is the key to your optimum well being. A blocked or unbalanced chakra leads to mental and emotional distress and may also manifest itself as physical ailments which can be detrimental to your health.

    Chakra bracelet

    Jewelry and chakra heavily overlap in energy balancing, including chakra bracelets.

    There are many ways and techniques that can help you balance your chakra system and one is through the use of different gemstones and crystals that have healing powers and create positive energy. They work best when they are worn close to the skin. Chakra bracelets are perfect since they are worn as jewelry on the wrist where there is a pulse point. Pulse points are considered to be receptive areas.

    In choosing chakra bracelets one must consider that there are 7 chakra centers in the body each one is associated with different emotions, colors and thoughts. There are also specific gemstones and crystals that can help balance each chakra. The root chakra is associated with your basic needs such as security and stability. It is colored red and the gemstones used are red garnet and red jasper. Earth colored stones and black onyx can also help balance this chakra.

    The sacral chakra is connected with sexuality, reproduction and desire. The stones used are orange like carnelian, citrine and orange calcite.

    The solar plexus chakra is said to be color yellow. Tiger’s eye, amber and citrine are the stones used. It is associated with happiness and self worth.

    The heart chakra is associated with love. The primary color is green and the second color is pink. Jade and malachite are two of the best stones used.

    The throat chakra controls communication. It is colored blue and gemstones like aqua and turquoise are the common choices.

    The third eye controls intuition and our spirituality. Indigo and purple stones such as azurite and amethyst are the perfect choice.

    The last chakra is the crown chakra and is responsible for our enlightenment. The clear quartz is used for this chakra as it provides clarity and helps us find meaning in our lives.

    Not only do chakra bracelets look very gorgeous and eye catching they have so many benefits too. Sometimes a certain color appeals to you more, this can also be an indication that that chakra may be blocked or unbalanced. Also try to hold the crystals, try to assess your feeling while holding them. There are also chakra bracelets that already contain 7 chakras if it feels like all of them need balancing.