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  • What Are The Advantages Of Chakra Cleansing

    Reducing stress is a common, yet often challenging, exercise for people when they get home from a long day at work. Whether you’re a cleaner or a senior manager, a holiday rep or a customer service agent, work can get on top of you at times, and can creep up on you fast.


    Relaxation is a great way to balance and cleanse chakra energy sources, but sometimes more is needed.

    Everyone approaches dealing with stress differently, for some of us we turn to the golf course to drive out frustration, and for others, opening a bottle of wine seems to be a great solution to our problems. Some people have even convinced themselves that they have perfected the art of just forgetting about things, and as you might immediately realize, that’s almost certainly not what’s really happening in the deep, dark recesses of the brain.

    None of these reactions to stress or other negative effects are going to work for long, although smacking balls about on the golf course is likely to last longer than burying things completely in the hope they’ll evaporate.

    Regardless of how long the pressure of hiding away festers in the back of your mind, eventually there will be no room for it to grow unattended, and you’ll get a sudden overflow effect. In some people this effect is more serious than others, with some people heading quickly toward a nervous breakdown. In most cases, however, there’s jut the sudden realization of how of of control things have become, leaving a sudden overwhelming feeling that you can’t keep all the balls in the air.

    If you’ve ever experienced an uncanny ability to suffer from illness whenever you take a vacation, or slow down a little after a manic few weeks, this is a classic sign of the release of some of the negative energy you’ve been suppressing. As you begin to relax, the brain lets its guard down a little, and as a result the direction of the flow of the negative energy becomes reversed, slowly at first and can gather pace quickly as it travels back into conscious thought.

    Now, this is the body’s natural way of restoring balance, and it’s actually very healthy that this happens, certainly relative to trying to store things away forever. A better solution, though, would have been never to lock the thoughts and anxiety away to begin with, instead processing the thoughts, feelings, stress and negativity before it becomes a serious mental threat. This is where chakra cleansing comes in, a way to clean the body and mind of the negative energy which threatens to stem the flow of positive energy and its balanced flow.

    Here’s a great video from YouTube which should help you relax while watching, and allow a steady release of negative energy:

    The principles that chakra cleansing is built upon have been passed down, refined and enhanced through generations. Many people use them without understanding these fundamental principles, and that is absolutely fine as you can feel the effects clearly when you develop the ability to effectively align the chakra energy flow. It is, however, helpful in mastering these skills, if you have at least a basic understanding of how the chakra sources work and interact with each other.

    To greatly summarize, the idea is to align the ‘body and soul’, ‘soul and brain’ and ‘body and brain’. This can be visualize as a triangle of energy flow, although there are seven distinct energy sources falling into, and controlling the path of the energy flow. Chakras take their name from the translation of rotating wheel in Sanskrit, to represent this energy flow across the seven color coded energy emitting zones. The reason that regular cleansing exercises are so advantageous is that just one chakra falling out of balance with the others will affect them all, as the rate of this energy flow will be disturbed, and throw the entire system out of synchronization. Naturally, this will occur to a lesser effect in typical daily life, however the effects are magnified exponentially under stress, so dealing with these external negative influences quickly is essential to avoid a build up of energy flow roadblocks.

    In order to practice and perfect chakra cleansing, there are a number of specialist chakra practitioners who excel in helping people open and close their chakra colors, which helps to compensate for the loose or over tightened zones. The techniques are usually applied through consultation sessions focusing on meditation techniques, focusing on how the chakras interact with each of their respective bodily areas.

    Meditation is characterized by the relaxation techniques used to calm the mind into a state that is open and receptive to the subtle thought manipulations to massage the chakras into opening and closing. This relaxed state is necessary to improve the energy flow between the whirlpools of each energy source.

    The most common technique for cleansing begins with the root chakra and moves attention around the body one by one until the flow is improved. This process can be repeated over time to incrementally improve the body’s overall balance. This repetitive approach is called an iterative development, as it gradually moves towards perfection, yet is believed never to be fully complete. The ultimate goal is therefore to maintain a regular energy flow which improves health and well being.By approaching chakra cleansing in this manner, you can deal with stressful experiences as they occur, preventing a gradual build up of negative energy, and significantly reducing the chance of needing professional assistance in unpicking a tangled web of negative energy later.